Sayra Bey

About the Artist: 

My artwork is inspired by Arabic Calligraphy and figures, which I use to communicate my ideas, exploring the similarities in the real and the spiritual. I combine the different dimensions to represent the illusion of this world.  My media essentials are pencils and oil paints.

Self Portrait
I grew up in Dorset and spent allot of my childhood in Bangladesh, which is where the calligraphy influence grows into my art. Displaying art work with faces were banned in my home (in case they became something to worship), but faces have always been something I am drawn to. My art developed from this as eventually I stopped painting pupils as a statement that I am not trying to recreate someone or something. I am merely capturing the essence of a persons face. I can only ever reflect the surface and the emotion which shines from it. 

Love her work?
The sketches below are about struggling in the ultimate journey. How does one figure out right and wrong when both cultures their apart of are worlds apart not only in distance, but in their views on how to live?







Crystal Eyes
They try to confuse me
They try to confound me
Because when the colours were stained on us
I was left out
They saw through the ink I covered myself with so
I was left out
To burn in the drops of the tearing sun
Turning into ash
Losing more and more of myself with time
My mind claws its way through
This dunya waiting to disintegrate
The other hostile thoughts
Comfort themselves in lies
I swim through the ocean of knowledge
Known to others as fools fairytales
The surrounding particles try to invade
But the horizon of my thoughts pushes them away
The deathly light of this world is defeated
By the darkness burning in my iris
I need not the wind
I need not the earth
I need not the oceans
As I can rise myself And sustain myself
With the unknown
I gather more strength
To defeat the fragment left inside me
By the burst of darkness in my iris
I arise as a new star
and leave the word questioning the sky

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