paula oliva

About the artist:
 I am calling the series The Beautiful Creatures Series. It came about from my keeping sketchbooks full of pictures and collages of pictures which I eventually morphed into paintings. I started with HEAVENLY CREATURES and continued with DIVINE SAVAGES and then continued from there. Low Brow and edgy art are my inspiration; I really was never very interested in the more traditional forms of art.

I've always been able to paint and draw and, although I did do some art training in high school and junior college, I really consider that I am self taught for the most part. I picked up a copy of Blue Canvas #1 at a gallery showing in Santa Ana, California, a couple of years ago at about the point that I was really discovering low brow art and I have been following Blue Canvas ever since and well as several other magazines featuring this kind of art. This really helped me take off on my own path in my painting. Before that I could never seem to decide what to paint; now this is no problem.

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